As a proof of concept, this idea aims at providing a new way for fans to access to exclusive merch, media content, album reviews, and a 360 video based around the theme of the new album all within Apple Music.

The user interface reflects the exact design guidelines to Apple Music and uses the brand identity of the musician featured in this mock-up. 

This design challenge is the final stage of the Apple Music Product Design internship
iOS mock up

Project time:

4 weeks

Tools Used:

Sketch + Principle + After Effects +
Element 3D + Adobe Premiere  

UI Challenge:

Stay within the branding guidelines of the album TESTING by A$AP Rocky while creating a beautiful interface that engages fans to explore the release page.

Use Apple’s Open-source Design guidelines to replicate Apple Music’s UI

UX Challenge:

Find a way to layout information and direct users to all pages in the app such as link to album reviews, artist background, and exclusive merchandise.      

3D Challenge:

Create objects that relate to the promotion of the new album and an environment that communicates the idea of having a 360 video as a feature as part of this media campaign.

Graphic Design visuals by Eli Grand